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Islam and Slavery - TheReligionofPeace
1. Sexual Assault and Abuse During slavery, white male plantation owners, their sons, brothers and other male acquaintances raped Black women without fear of punishment. Their reasons ranged from lascivious desire to acts of punishment. Black men were also sexually abused by slaveholders, and, sometimes, their wives. 2.
A former sex slaves terrifying ordeal: "As soon as he put
Widely considered the sex trafficking capital of the world, Tenancingo, Mexico, is two hours southeast of Mexico City. Many of the towns 10,000 residents are involved in prostitution; for young
Human Sex Trafficking — LEB sex slavery
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Syrian sex slaves tortured on table set up like crucifix
The Mexican state of Tlaxcala has been identified as the biggest source of sex slaves to the US. In 2015, five out of 10 of Homeland Securitys "most wanted" sex traffickers were from Tenancingo,
Did Christopher Columbus Seize, Sell, and Export Sex Slaves?
Although trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation is a global problem, hard statistics on the numbers of women involved, and in which countries, are close to impossible to come by
Ohio child sex trafficking sting nabs more than 100
Joy, a young Nigerian woman caught in the vicious cycle of sex trafficking, is instructed by her exploiter Madame to supervise Precious, a teenage girl who is not ready to accept her fate. Director: Sudabeh Mortezai | Stars: Anwulika Alphonsus, Mariam Sanusi, Angela Ekeleme, Gift Igweh. Votes: 993
Surprising facts and statistics about human trafficking in
What trafficking really means is girls groomed and forced into sexual exploitation; men tricked into accepting risky job offers and trapped in forced labour in building sites, farms or factories; and women recruited to work in private homes only to be trapped, exploited …
Estimating The Numbers | Sex Slaves | FRONTLINE | PBS
The women who sold their daughters into sex slavery. A neighborhood in Cambodia is a global hotspot for the child sex trade. The people selling the children? Too often, their parents. CNN Freedom
32 Best Sexuality and Slavery images | Slavery, Black
More than 100 people, including a medical doctor and a church youth director, were arrested as part of a massive human-trafficking and child-sex sting operation based in central Ohio, according to
The women who sold their daughters into sex slavery -
The vast majority of it is sex slavery, and law enforcement almost never succeeds in punishing the culprits. Were talking about millions of victims, probably 80 percent of them female (though all numbers are just educated guesses). How is that shit even possible?


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